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Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor, Mike Nukho, President and Principal Broker of NuRealty Advisors, Inc.,

May 22, 2020


Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor, Mike Nukho, President and Principal Broker of NuRealty Advisors, Inc., Nancy Cooperstein Charney, Filmmaker of Amazon Prime’s “Who’s Next”, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large on Westchester On The Level – Friday, May 22, 2020 @10am EST

OSSINING, NY, and YONKERS, NY — May 22, 2020 — Ossining Mayor  Victoria  Gearity opens the broadcast day. We discuss the prospect of a nation and state financially bereft and devoid of the mechanisms to seemingly shepherd its citizenry due to a lack of financial capacity by its citizenry. How can Ossining manage its finances? Can people hold out from paying rent to their landlord, whether for their residence of business? Is a legal transition being contemplated? If so, how long before it can be implemented? It not, then what? From 10-10:30am.

Mike Nukho, Founder, President and Principal Broker of NuRealty Advisors, Inc., a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company, and a Partner of GEM Management Partners LLC, a Multi-Family Residential Property Management Company speaks to his Open Letter to NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo which was published on May 18, 2020 and entitled: A Balanced Approach: Stimulus Checks Are Deficient in Protecting Tenants’ Security and Rights, and it is certainly a remedy to the plight revealed by ProPublica’s reporter Alec MacGillis’write-up entitled Rent Is Still Due in Kushnerville. first published on May 21, 2020.

Who’s Next?, an Amazon Prime documentary feature by award-winning American filmmaker Nancy Cooperstein Charney follows six Muslim-American families as they navigate ongoing hostility and discrimination nearly two decades after 9/11. We learn the consequences 9/11 exacted on Muslim-Americans, and if societal response infers similar bias and bigotry onto others? Is America’s response to 9/11 an aberration specific to American sensibilities or one that resides in people aching hearts for generations? Has humanity yet been able to separate perpetrators from their religious adherence or their ethnic identity? How do people bridge that horror, lived or influenced by its telling? From 11-11:30am.

Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris engages in the latest news replete with commensurate analysis. From 11:30am-12Noon

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