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What Is The Role Of A Commercial Real Estate Agent?

IOT IOT  /   October 12, 2022

The commercial real estate agent is a real estate professional in charge of facilitating and carrying out a real estate transaction. Thanks to his technical, commercial, and legal skills, he offers his advice to both the buyer and the seller so that everyone gets the most out of this sale. There are many ways commercial real estate agents can help you; keep reading this article to explore more about the roles of top commercial real estate companies in New York.

  • First of all, the commercial real estate agent acts as an agent. An agency, a company, or a real estate agent entrusts him with the mission of negotiating a property until the conclusion of the real estate transaction. The commercial real estate agent, therefore, does not act for his own account but for that of the principal.
  • Therefore, the commercial real estate agents sign a commercial contract with the real estate agent or his agency. Commercial real estate agents remain the heads of their own business, these two entities never being confused.
  • The Commercial real estate broker in New York intervenes from the stage of estimating the property until the signing of the sales agreement (or even beyond if the circumstances require it). He advises the owner on the sale price to set, depending on the local real estate market, the location of the property, and its objective qualities.
  • Once the property has been estimated, he writes and publishes the real estate ad. Its goal is to distribute it as widely as possible within its network but also to target the customers most likely to be attracted by this type of property.
  • Then, the commercial real estate agent organizes visits to the property and answers questions from potential buyers. It is up to him to succeed in convincing future buyers by presenting the assets of the property.
  • When a potential buyer shows interest, his role is to accompany him in the constitution of his file. He then uses his legal knowledge to advise his client.
  • At the same time, the commercial agent must gather all the mandatory legal documents: building permit, energy balance sheet, asbestos and lead diagnoses, certificate of natural risk status, etc.
  • Finally, the commercial real estate agent makes himself available until the conclusion of the sale. He thus plays the role of an intermediary, and sometimes of a mediator, between the seller and potential buyer.

This is how a commercial real estate agent can help you! It is always better to rely on a commercial real estate agent for all your purchase and sale needs for your commercial properties.

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